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Our Mission

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Founded in 2020, IMDC is a progressive and inclusive Performing Arts Teacher Training College. 
Our mission is to help people realise their full potential through tailored workshops and courses. We deliver both the practical and academic qualifications and skills that enable students to shine in their teaching careers.


As part of our mission, our students will be well prepared, self sufficient, entrepreneurial and confident enough to achieve the highest level of professional development. 
We will share our knowledge to inspire our students to become the best educators in the Arts & Education sector.
IMDC uses the most up-to-date knowledge and regulations to give every student the tools to gain their desired qualification and skill and maintain a long career within the performing arts world as well as the business tools to become a successful entrepreneur.

Courses and workshops at IMDC are specify aimed at people who wish to teach performing arts, rather than those wishing to perform themselves. 

Comprehensive training for both novice and experienced teachers will be provided in both an academic and experiential way. With over 30 years of experience in curriculum development, classroom teaching, and teacher training our students are going to have all the tools and skills to excel in their field.

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