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Diploma In Acro Dance Coaching - Level 1

Next Course  - Will Be Confirmed Soon.

This programme is designed to extend knowledge, understanding and practice of Acro Dance Coaching across a range of contexts in preparation for working in an increasingly diverse employment market.

We offer two versions of this course. 

How Is In Person Course Delivered?

  • One day intensive in person course. With students in attendance, 

How Is This Hybrid Course Delivered?

  • The programme is offered part-time through distance learning and a weekend workshop, enabling you to study alongside other commitments. You will receive one-to-one tutorial support from experienced tutors. Each module is supported by a comprehensive module study guide and online materials.

How Long Will It Take?

  •       9 hours – 2 x 2.5 hour online tutorials, with a  4 hour workshop in Cork. It will be completed in less than 2 weeks. Hybrid

  • 7 hours - In person. One Day 

What Are The Course Pre-Requisites?

  • Coaches must be over 18years old and have some experience in Dance or Acro gymnastics or experience coaching children. Much of this course will be a practical based session where the fundamentals of the syllabus will be demonstrated and assessed. Acro dancer students will be provided on the day to practice your teaching methods and supporting skills.

Who Is This Course Ideal For?

  • The course is aimed at coaches, aged 18 and above (exceptions given so please email with student information and experience) and is designed to educate & facilitate these individuals that are currently working at participation levels of our sport. The course will introduce skills across age categories and can help current coaches to refresh or extend their knowledge of coaching.  

What Levels Are The Skills Aimed At?

  • The skills are aimed to allow the coach to teach children aged 3 – 11+ , the course syllabus is broken into 4 levels (early childhood, middle childhood, pre-adolescent, and adolescent) This is to support their developmental stages.​

Course Syllabus:

  1. Physical and Emotional Developmental stages – How and why we need to adapt classes around a child’s physical development and emotional/social development and what adaptations can occur.

  2. Lesson Plans – Planning classes for these age categories, evidence, evaluation, conclusion. Teaching methods and methods of assessment, motivational techniques.

  3. Risk assessments in class settings – eliminating external risks or adapting the class to ensure their safety.

  4. Injury prevention - Goal setting, spotting, common faults and how to correct them, training exercises, what to do in case of injury and GDPR.

  5. Acro Dance Syllabus – Skills included at each level 1-4. Including them in lesson plans.


Acro Dance Syllabus Workshop:

The course will introduce some key aspects of coaching theory and practical session covering various skills in Acrobatics Dance for early childhood (3-5), middle childhood (6-8), pre-adolescent (9-11), and adolescent (11+);

  1. Warm-ups: What and how to deliver different types of warm up activities for different age groups

  2. Floor Elements: shapes, posture, body tension, rolling, tumbles, balancing, jump and landing, kicks  and flexibility skills and tricks.

  3. Balance to include jumps and turns at different levels of difficulty.

  4. Acrobatics: working with partners and contact to create shapes, balances, lifts and how to support each other.

  5. Rhythm and choreographic skills and games.

  6. Motivational class techniques for performance.

Pre-course task:

  • Online tutorials will guide you through pre course worksheets and tasks. One will need to be completed after the course to show self-analysis, reflection, and assessment of own work.

  • In Person will receive an email once payment is received with their course worksheets. 

Course Assessment:

  • Course workbook. Full attendance is compulsory to gain certification.

Course Certification:

  • Diploma in Acro Dance Coaching

Next Date

  • To Be Confirmed Soon....

Is There A Limit To How Many Can Do The Course?

  • We are limiting the course to 12 student coaches per course.

Cost Of Course?

  • This course costs €399

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